Rules in Enrolling and having classes in online department

1. The price list is per month depending on the number of days the student wish to study in a week.

2. Payment should be sent first before we make schedule.

3. Payment is done, agent must sent the payment receipt through email, by then we arrange class schedule and sent it to you.

4. We give 1 trial class without pay before the student wants to enroll.

5. There are 2 types of classes. The 25 minutes class which is usual for ESL lesson, and 50 minutes for IELTS, TOEFL and TOIEC.

6. Cancelling classes and moving classes to other dates can be done 1 day ahead of the set schedule.

7. Will be marked as absent if students did not attend the class.

8. We are using our own application or tool in conducting a class. If students already installed the application, they can create an account and log in to check their schedule.

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